Stunning paint colors that complement red brick

Red brick houses are full of charm and character. If you have brick accents on your home or a brick layout in its entirety, it is important to pay attention to the colors that go with brick.

You might wonder which color palettes you should use with either interior or external brick. You may choose different colors for the exterior siding than for the interior walls. Entry doors, trims, and shutters are all architectural elements.

You’ve found the right place. Find out the best ten paint colors to complement red brick.

  • Red brick exterior paint colors
  • Creamy, off-white
  • Grayish-green
  • Warm gray
  • Bold navy blue
  • Timeless black
  • Red brick interior paint colors
  • Gray
  • Dark charcoal
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Bronze

Five exterior paint colors that complement the red brick

The style, features, and overall aesthetic of your house will determine what paint color goes best with red brick. Learn about exterior paint colors that compliment red brick.

Creamy Off White

Your red brick exterior can be enhanced with a creamy off-white. Use this color to create a soothing contrast on porch columns, trims, and entryway doors.


This earthy color will complement your red brick house, especially if it is designed in a transitional or coastal style. Grayish-green entryway doors and shutters can add a splash of color to a brick house.

Warm Gray

Warm grays can complement your red brick home and highlight its best features. This siding color is great because it’s neutral and doesn’t detract from the sophistication of the bricks. This color will also bring out the bricks on your exterior, especially when used for painted trim, doors, shutters, and shutters.

Bold Navy Blue

The bold navy blue color is both eye-catching and intriguing. Navy blue, especially when combined with red bricks that are brighter in color, adds sophistication to the exterior of your home. If you want to make your house stand out, consider painting the entry door and shutters navy blue. You can also paint your siding this color.

Timeless Black

Black paint is a classic that will never go out of style. This combination of red bricks and paint will always be in style, whether you own a Victorian-style or mid-century-modern brick home. Your entryway trims, shutters, and door can be updated with timeless black.

The new paint job on the exterior of a brick home can dramatically impact its curb appeal. These colors are just a starting point. Our professionals can help you choose a color or colors that will complement your red brick home. Please find out more about our residential exterior painting services.

Five interior paint colors that complement red brick

It can be daunting to choose a paint color that compliments a brick wall or fireplace. You don’t want your walls to clash against the brickwork. Read on to find out which colors work best with red bricks.


Gray can be used to complement a red brick accent or a fireplace. It is also versatile. The gray color can be cool or warm, and it comes in a variety of shades, including earthy taupes, bluish greys, and others. Gray walls can bring out the warmth and texture of red bricks in your home.

Dark Charcoal

A dark charcoal wall can highlight the intricate details of red brick. This color can make your fireplace pop and bring out all the warm, natural tones in red brick.


Don’t dismiss Orange just yet. View our color coordination guide to learn more. Add a splash or two of Orange to your living room, kitchen, or bedroom for a bold and striking contrast.

Warm Blue

Warm blues are a great complement to warm reds and can create a peaceful, calm aura in any room, whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living room. Blue accent walls can make you feel like you are in a seaside paradise.


Bronze is a rich color that can be used as an accent wall in the living room. However, don’t paint all your walls bronze, as it can create a dull environment. It is sufficient to paint one or two walls bronze to match the bricks.

The colors shown here are only a few of the many options. Your interior is unique, so that other colors may work as well. Five Star Painting’s color experts will help you choose the right color for your home. You won’t need to spend hours looking through paint chips. Please find out more about our interior painting services.

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