Choose harmonious wall colors and floor combinations

We can all appreciate the beauty of a well-decorated room. But what really brings it together is a harmonious combination of colors that create ambiance. The perfect wall color that matches your flooring can make a huge difference in the aesthetics of your room.

The style, function, and furniture of the room will determine the wall color that best complements your floor.

Five Star Painting experts can help you narrow your options and choose the right floor and wall colors for your space.

Continue reading to find out which color combination of floor and wall works best.

  • Color combinations for walls with wooden floors
  • What are the best wall colors to complement oak flooring?
  • The best wall colors for white tiles.
  • Color combinations for the walls and floors of your living room.
  • Color combinations for the floor and walls of the bedroom

Wall color combinations with wood floors

When choosing wall colors to complement your wood flooring, consider the undertone of the wood (the color that highlights the wood grain) and the finish. To balance out the room, it’s best to match your floor’s color with wall colors that contrast.

Paint a small area of the desired wall color. You can then view the wall color at different times to see how it looks with the wood flooring as the lighting changes.

Popular wood undertones with their complementary wall colors include:

  • Cool Wood Undertones: Floors with green, blue, and pink undertones work well when painted in yellow or red. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Warm undertones of wood: Reds, yellows, and oranges go well with walls painted in blue or green. Avoid tan or cream colors, as they clash with the warmth in the wood.
  • Neutral wood tones: Beige and taupe wood undertones work well with warm or cold paint colors.

Oak Floors and the Best Wall Colors

The two types of oak flooring available are RedOakk and White. RedOakk can be finished in a variety of ways, but it pairs well with walls that have a similar color to the undertones. Red oak floors look great with dark, cool shades of blue or green.

Consider colors that compliment red, like.

  • Aquamarines
  • Dark blue
  • Dark greens
  • Pastels

White Oak, on the other hand, produces a lighter floor that looks more bleached. The finish can create an elegant and sophisticated space or one that is more rustic. Dark wall colors, such as rich charcoal, can be paired with white oak to create a timeless appearance. Please choose your favorite dark shade of wall paint, but avoid too light shades, as they will wash out the room.

Earthy colors are also a great way to complement the rustic look of red or white oak. These wall colors can bring out the grain of wood flooring and give it a natural appearance.

Earthy colors can include:

  • Cinnamon
  • Plum
  • Forest green
  • Navy

White tile floor and wall color combination

It will depend on your style and the overall look you want to achieve in the room. Choose cohesive colors.

You can try the following wall colors with white tiles:

  • White The combination of white and white can create a unified, striking appearance, especially in smaller spaces (like bathrooms) or areas where you’d like to create a brighter, more open feeling.
  • Soft pastels Pale pink, blue, or green will add color without overwhelming your room.
  • Neutrals Taupe or beige walls compliment tile flooring and provide a beautiful backdrop for artwork and other decor.
  • White: The white tiles stand out against the black walls.
  • Bold colors: Deep Reds, Forest Greens, and Saturated Blues are great statement colors to accent this type of flooring.

Living Room Color Schemes for Walls and Floors

It can be not easy to select the right wall color and flooring combination for your living room, especially when there are so many choices. It would be best if you also chose combinations that complement your furniture and décor.

Popular living room color schemes include:

  • Dark hardwood floors in crisp whites with lighter neutral shades, such as gray.
  • Light wood floors in neutral shades of off-white, cooler whites, and soft grays.
  • Dark wood floors with cool colors like dusty green or blue.
  • Black, white, or gray tiles with white tile flooring.

Color Combinations for Bedroom Floor and Walls

The bedroom should be calming and serene, especially after working long hours or running errands. The lighter color schemes for the walls and floors tend to create a feeling of spaciousness, while darker colors lend themselves to an elegant look.

Consider these trendy bedroom combinations:

  • Dark hardwood floors and white walls create an elegant, timeless look.
  • The combination of light wood floors and gray walls creates a soothing and comforting environment.
  • The combination of carpet and beige walls makes for a relaxing, serene environment.
  • Hardwood floors and light blue or green wall colors give a room an airy, calm presence.
  • Dark walls and plush carpeting create a peaceful, cozy atmosphere.

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