Debunking 8 Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

Internet information about professional carpet cleaners is not always true. Some of what you read on the internet may be true and some false. But a great deal of it will fall somewhere in between.

It’s best to get the answers you need from the right source.  Bensons Cleaning Services Pty Ltd is your professional choice for Best Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide.

The truth behind some of the most common carpet-cleaning myths.

The Truth About Carpet Cleaning Myths

  • Carpets that are cleaned more often become dirtier. Traditional steam cleaners do leave behind a soapy residue which attracts dirt. However, Chem-Dry’s approach uses the power of carbonationproviding a deeper clean and no dirt-attracting residue, plus helping your carpets better repel dirt and stains in the future.

  • Too much vacuuming can be harmful. Carpets today are designed to withstand vacuuming well, especially if you use a quality machine.

  • Mold and mildew can grow on carpets after cleaning. Mold and mildew can grow when excessive moisture is used to clean carpets. This includes steam cleaners. Chem-Dry has a better option. Our method uses 80 percent less moisture than steam cleaningThis reduces drying times and virtually eliminates the risk of mildew and mold growth in carpet.

  • Carpets can be rid of their lingering smells using DIY methods. Many people use DIY methods such as baking soda or powdered deodorizers in order to eliminate stubborn odors. This is especially true for those caused by pets. When pet urine dries out, it can leave behind odor crystals that are trapped in the carpet padding and backing. These crystals will require professional removal by a Chem Dry pro.

  • It’s not necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Carpets can hide nasty particles, contaminants and odors, even when they appear clean. Carpets should at least be cleaned annually or as often as necessary. This can extend the life of your carpet.

  • Spot treating stains is all you need to do. Even the best home remedies won’t completely remove carpet stains. To get rid of stains permanently, you should hire a professional.

  • Carpets shrink after professional cleaning. It’s not always the case. Carpets can shrink if they don’t get dried properly after cleaning. It’s important to use a method which uses less water and dries quicker, like Chem-Dry power carbonation.

  • Professional carpet cleaning is too expensive. Professional carpet cleaning is worth it. Carpet cleaning is priced very well. Use for free price estimates as well as coupons.

Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide

 Bensons Cleaning Services Pty Ltd is the professional carpet cleaner you’ve been looking for. We are excited to serve you with unmatched industry-leading techniques.

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